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first track day

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this was my first time out and won't be my last! what a blast! i had great time. 24 guys racing today. i took a few really crappy pics. enjoy!
none of me driving, but this is my car. only hyundai there

a beat up skyline in front and an old bmw

only action shot i took

this suburu had the best time of the day at 1:27, my best was 1:38

this guy killed it in an suv. he took 4th
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That guy in the Saturn was driving that like i drive. OMG thats awsome.
it was fun to see an suv chew up the track like that. he was driving the sh!t out of that thing! i talked to the guy after, and he said he doesn't own it, he leases! note to self: never buy a leased vehicle! X)
Yeah no ****.. like dont buy old police cars, retal cars, or taxis. eeek:eek:

But thats so me, i drive the cars like nobody intended them to be driven. muahahah!
hahaha... SUV.... sweet.
sorry to revive this but what track can you do this at? I really wanna try

that is a link to the queen city motorsports web page, all the info is on there.
we race at the K&M Motorsports track just outside of lumsden, sask. about 10 mins outside of regina. everyone is welcome, i think it is $30 for non members and $20 if you buy a membership. the track is really fun to drive and they change up how you drive course for every event.
the next event is on july 30

you should come out if you can, where do you live?

here is a pic of me at the last event

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track racing is fun wish there were more around the US. where people can actually go.
I'd say when you finally race on the track, street racing will seem dull and boring in comparison! It's hard to match the rush of going full tilt into the first turn side-by-side, daring the other guy to blink first. Best part? Having a beer and laughing about the whole thing afterwards! :D
damn, i was hopping you were in ontario
Yeah finally some reason to be here in the gaplands. I was going to check qcma events last year but I always had plans where there was a race. Depending on how hard I party on Sat I might come out on Sunday.
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