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Hyundai i10 2010

failed its MoT because the rear foglamp was not working. Although we at first suspected that it was a simple bulb problem, further investigation showed the tell-tale light on the switch was not illuminating.

This led us to check the fuse for the foglamp, which was in good condition and completing the circuit, so we then searched for a relay that might have possibly failed.While working on the vehicle, we also discovered that the rear tailgate warning on the dash was constantly illuminated even though the tailgate was properly secured, the light would not extinguish. Disconnecting the connector to the boot lock would not resolve the problem.
Eventually we discovered that the fault was with a defective interior lamp, which had blown a fuse that was unconnected to the fog lamp circuit.When the interior lamp was disconnected and the fuse replaced, the foglamp
worked and the tailgate warning was extinguished.

Posted by Miko Benz
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