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For Sale: 4-2-1 Headers for LC 1.5 SOHC

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I am selling a custom made 4-2-1 headers for 1.5l sohc.
I ask for $170 shipped to the US. I removed it because I have a turbo right now. It's a great working header with great results.

Here are some pics:

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those are damn tempting, I have a header already for my 1.5, but it's OBDI and not OBDII so the cat is in a different place. I'm assuming you didn't run a cat with this setup?
No I didn't as I used an aftermarket one later on. The difference with these headers is huge!
Bump! Still for sale
Is there a o2 bung welded into the header or not. There technically should be two but just wondering about that.
No you must open a hole after you weld the headers right after.
What is the ID of the collector pipe? Does it match right up to the stock downpipe? Can I see side view pics of it please? I want to add a flange right at the collector pipe will it still fit the stock downpipe? Let me know.
Yes it fits right up to the stock downpipe. All you have to do is reweld it to your existing pipe. Pictures are coming.. You can add any flange you like right there. It is a bolt on thing and this weld is only needed.
Yeah I have a turbo now. Check 1st post
Tell me your postal address to check it out if I can make a better deal, I have a shipping cost of $70 right now to anywhere to the US that's why I ask for 170.
Sorry man, but the shipping is $70 to anywhere to the US. Tell me what you decide.

[Edited by japakos on Jun 19, 2006 10:36 AM]
Well, I have a few expenses like getting my valves redone, a camshaft regrind, and a port and polish. so i am just trying to save some money, how about 155?
Done! my paypal address is [email protected], add a note with your full address.
email me with confirmation
Thanks a lot


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Payment received! I'm shipping it tomorrow morning. Thank you very much
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