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car is located in toronto.... must sell... no reasonable offer will be refused.

Showroom condition, no winters. 1owner. KDM HID, 19" rims,3 LCD monitors, DVD,full audio.Studie Body kit,13" big brakes, SS brakelines. $15,000 or NEGOTIABLE. 647-866-9550. Many KDM parts.

[email protected]
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Thanks for registering for Hyundai Sunday.

What plans do you have for the future? Another Hyundai?
15,000 CAD I assume?
Nice Car yoon, how's fatboypup doing?
less than 15,000 CND ... i need to sell fast...

cottonmouth... i have a 1986 pony in the works... and other projects..

fatboypup..... i dunno.....i guess he is into other things...
= )




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That's one good looking car yoon.;):
Yoon, you probably have the best XG around. My wife and I was just talking about your car the other day. Price seems a little high though, blue book private party is $9300 US stock. Good luck on the sale.
price is now 12,000 CND $
^^^That looks like a reasonable price. I just checked with the BlackBook and this price is only slightly higher than the Extra Clean price. And after seeing it at Hyundai Sunday it definately is that!

Plus the extras makes it worth it.
OMG. someone buy this and keep it in the community.. if i was in a better situation i would be all over it.. that car is freaking beautiful.. soo nice in person.. someone buy it now... and sell it to me when i can afford it lol.
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