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Hi how are you. You still talk. I need help with my accent??
I dont know hey,

As per the hyundai release of the scoupe they say the scoupe has steel connecting rods(they do not differuentate between the LS and the GT rod but hyundai has x2 unique product listings for the Hyundai scoupes conrods and the Ls and GT model numbers that i have do NOT corresponde. But the metal looks the same and i dont think hyundai would of put in SPECIAL FORGED RODS, cos hyundai is all about going on the cheap, they didnt even offer a intercooler or a oil cooler with the GT and only gave it a 6 month warrenty..

My mate is running 1.2 bars on his 1500 accent turbo for 2 years so i really dont think the stock accent rods are ****. how ever i have seen x2 scoupe GT's with conrod failure and if you compare the GT rods to that of a St or BT or 4agze motor our conrods look like tooth pics....
Hi how are you you still there. I need help with my accent 2000 1500 16v Regarts
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