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forged aluminum lug nuts

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I was wondering if anoyone has tried these. I kinda want some, but im worried that the threads will strip or not stay tight. Has anyone had problems with these?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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Right now I'm using the Rays ones, and they've been alright for a total of 15+ test laps; they should be alright for street driving, but some things you might want to look at:

-They should be of solid construction, with closed ends.

-They must not be the hollowed-out type; the ones with the finger-grip on the end. The issue with this is that the circular section at the rear may crack when struck by road debris, and the edges resulting from such collisions will become stress risers which will then propogate cracks causing the fastener to shatter under load.

-Tightening torque should match specifications supplied with the kit.

-Use only high-quality parts.

-Use a hexagonal socket when tightening these nuts.

Should see you through.
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where did you get your rays engineering nuts? and how much $ were they?
Thanks for the reply.
They were thrown in with the wheelset I got, and tax rates are different between oz and Canada as well. Check with your local Rays dealer, they should be able to sort you out.
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