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About 95% of them think it looks great. The other 5% are still bashing it, both because it's a hyundai, and because it's Korean.

These guys don't know jack about it though. One guy is saying that the 4 cyl. version is 137HP/180ft.lbs. torque

Another guy says there is an AWD 300 HP 2.2L turbo coming out in 2004.

Another guy drives a 2.2 Litre 1993 Cavalier, and he "questions Hyundai's reliability". Meaniwhile he drives that junkheap.

The second last guy is making fun of the V6's power...meanwhile he's driving a friggin Neon RT, nothing to be too impressed with.

The last guy is hyped, saying it's going to do some serious damage to the new celicas.

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