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From Getz to Tiburon V6....I have arrived!!

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OK Here is the deal..

a lot of you know me from the forums with South Africas fastest Elantra. 2.0 turbo with copius amounts of horsepower and performance to taste.
Well.. that was sold...due to family obligation... it was too time consuming...and almost got me into a LOT of trouble with the law..

So I got a Hyundai Getz 1400 and modded it a little with ICE and suspension and mags...
It got boringly slow, too small in body size for me and also just didnt have the grunt that I was used to with the elantra...

SO I did what I should have done years ago...

I bought the GK tibby V6...

I know why people make a fuss over the car now....its absolutely an brilliant machine with balls to match!!!:evil:

So now that I have been on the forums for a while now... only drooling and envying those that own a Tiburon already.... I can now enjoy the ride and experience as much as, or even more than some of those that own it.

No mods intended for the tib... for now... except maybe an air filter and two carbon tail pieces for a bit more sound from the back..

So yeah.. I look forward to working on the tib and watching it evolve slowly as its modified in a subtle way. and obviously put updates on the site as it all happens..

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oooo new tibby owner... congratulations. you're gonna love "pimpin out" you car! i have one (hence the username) and its been a fun trip so far.
Jeesh... I hope so...
I just have to find mags to suite it at the moment... it is screaming for a multispoke wheel ... as in more than 5 spokes... but not spoked like a bicycle......

But yeah.. I am happy like a pig in sh1t... you have no idea...

I have to agree that the 2.6 Tiburon/Coupe, but it is not over quick when compared to other cars in its category, even price, a new 2.6 Coupe on the road in the UK is between £19,000 & £20,000, the top speed is 135 mph, 0-60 in 8.6 seconds. Now compare these:

List Price mpg CO2 cc bhp 0-60 Speed

Alfa Romeo 147 GTA £22,500 23.3 3179 247 5.9 153

BMW Mini Cooper S £14,500 15 33.6 202 1598 163 7.4 135

Seat Leon Cupra R 225 £18,000 17.81 225 6.9 150

Volkswagen Golf GTI £14,965 34.9 1984 125 10.5 121

MG ZS ZS 2.5 2001 £ 16,290 22.7 2497 174 7.3 139

Peugeot 206 Gti 180 £ 17,320 20.4 1997 180 7.2 140

Honda Civic 2 Type-S 5dr £15,000 11 37.7 178 1998 158 8.5 130

Which do you think fits the bill, for me the Seat Leon, but having said all that, my brother-in-law had a Skoda Fabia 1.9 diesel turbo, on loan for a couple of weeks and I have to say it was like sh1t off a shovel, OTR price is £12,000, 0-60 in 9 seconds, top speed of 128 mph and still averaged 55 mpg, now that takes some thinking about, depends if you want looks or performance, the Tiburon/Coupe looks good, but there are better performing cars out there.
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i could kill to get a cupra or 206 here in the states!:devious::bandit:
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