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Front and rear OEM brake kits and other oem parts,TURBO PARTS

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Hey Guys
All this is for a 97-01 Tiburon

Just wanted to add a few more items to the list..
Since i have upgraded my Front and rear brakes im selling my XG BBK front which come with a two piston caliper and Drilled and sloted rotors.
The calipers arte painted blue and come with pads.. They are used with about 5000K on them.
Asking $350 for the calipers and Drilled and slotted rotors..

Also if anyone needs a rear kit i also have th OEM calipers which are pretty much brand new and used only for about 300 klm and quicky upgraded to a BBK on the rear as well.

The rear Rotors also come Drilled and slotted and also the HAT is painted Blue..It also comes with new SS brake lines..The rotors also have 300klm and also come with new pads (300klm)
For the rear kit im asking $350 as well
This is graet for anyone who wants to convert to rear disk from Drums

Also wanted to add a brand new OEM driver side power door lock actuator...
Asking $100 for it

I also have my other items for sale:
1) brand new OEM Brake rear brake lines $50
2) Brand new Right side ebrake cable $80
3)) brand new Front Hubs (Left and Right side) $180 for both
4)OEM head gaskets $70
5)Alpine Turbo intercooler piping and D/P.Missing the couplers and clamps $300 shipped

I still have my front Tib Calipers if anyone is intrested


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Do ya think the brakes will fit on a 97 elantra? I was thinking of doing the same thing, but since you have it here for sale, i might buy out the whole deal. Myabe a slight drop on price if i by both front and rear?:nervous:

Will these fit inside 16's? Pics?

...and if possible can you hold on to them till next week?

thanks alot, hit me back at gmail if you want

Lilo Shark!
Let me know if you want them cause i nee dto make room in my garage for the parts im selling
I accept paypal at [email protected]

The front kit as we speak has DIBS BUT still waiting on payment.If it doesnt go through then i will sell it to you
The rear kit has NO dibs so far so let me know bro
The front BBK will work with 16 inch rims but work with a NON captive setup and i beleieve you have captive rotors...
BTW i do have two BRAND NEW Front hubs which im selling for $180 for both..
Alright guys the Front BBK is SOLD...Still ahve the rest of my othe ritems for sale :)

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Still intrested in the Alpine Piping?
K guys Piping is still up for sale
The Front Hubs are sold..
Still have other parts up for sale:D:)
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