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I'm trying to buy property right now so my girl got rid of her car which means mine will be the main car for the next few months or more. If this is the case, we can't be riding around in a car with a bodykit. Too much stuff to worry about and I'm sure it will eventually get messed up especially with the way my girl drives lol...

Anyway, I might be selling it. Not 100% sure but I wanted to know if there would be any interest. I'm thinking $350.00 plus shipping which is what I paid. The kit is definitley worth more than that but I don't want to hussle anyone here. If it goes on E-bay then I will put it higher. Remember the kit already comes with the foglights and all the wiring which alone are worth about $200.00. This kit is only for the 01-03 GT Hatch. The front bumper will not fit 04's and up. The front bumper and I believe the side skirts will fit 01-03 sedans but not the rear bumper.

Let me know if there is interest. I am also willing to do any fair trades but the trader has to pay for the shipping of this kit. Also whoever is interested might want to do some research on shipping costs. My zip is 33018 (home) and 33131 (work) I'm sure they both would be about the same. Thanks guys...

Here's the pics:
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