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this may be a little unexpected but i'm selling my 4 honda civic steelies..2 of them are new which were bought at the local honda dealership parts counter after discovering that 2 which were bought at hubcap heaven were badly unbalanced..

the rim size is 15x7...bolt pattern is 4x100 so it will fit an LC or LC2,
tires are still new condition wit plenty of rubber ont the Shoulder blocks,
kumho ecsta 711's 195/50/R15.

also have 4, 15 inch wheel cover's with the hyundai decal on them to look hyundai genuine..perfect for a high grip handling LC sleeper, and they don't stick out with chrome like a ricer..

I'm selling cause i need to buy some part's for the engine..
i'm trying to negotiate with 02slpr to see if he'll accept a swap..for his M45 supercharger kit for the G4ED for a price reduction.

i'm asking $350 for everything
the wheels' and tire's are balanced

i am also accepting trade's for anything that's forced induction for an LC Accent.

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