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FS:1990 Nissan 240sx

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As much as i wanted to make this into a project car which would replace the beta accent, it's not to be because it's killing my finances..i need to get rid of it asap,

it's a 1990 Nissan "Zenki" 240SX..RPS13

it's a 2.4L equipped 5-speed with a black exterior and black interior, tire's are fresh, alloy's are straight and true, the steering work's like a charm and the a/c come's out nice and cool,

mileage is 214K..i'm askin $950...or any better offer

Great for someone who has a bucket load of cash ands want's to make it a touge or a track drift car or just a SR or RB Turbo Torque monster, here it is.

car has been fully paid for and i hold the title to the vehicle.

just come, look, drive, swap cash with pink slip and key's and off you go.

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where u located at
Northern virginia.
Prince william county,..where Accent95 is located at.
damn, im in cali :ermm:
someone in my autocross club is interested...pending pics
is it a hatch, I am interested pending sale of my car.
sohc or dohc?
sohc, hatchback with no spoiler so no rust on the hatch.
Bump:C,mon guy's i really want to sell this car, my credit interest is killin me.
a man's hysteria is ugly..but i'm gonna put up a final offer..

forget about me trying to grab a decent amount for my car..the price isn't important long as it's not below half grand..

I'm now offering this car for $650.....$300 off the asking price..
Please consider this a lot of 5-speed 240sx's aren't available today
i blame universal and their joke of a fast and the furious tokyo drift for wrecking the cars during their hideous films that can't stand to reality.

I ensure you that the car work's very well, nothing is broken..everything works,automatic seatbelt rails,handbrake, instrument panel and lights, brakes,windows, a/c..heating..casette player,unripped seats,
car starts rough idle or smoke from the hood, exhaust sound's sweet with a mild moan at 3K's...

all it need's is a new strut for the rear and it's as good as it can get,
window's are crack free and there are no water leak's in the interior whatsoever

i beg any1..please buy my nissan 240sx..
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post some pix bro. i have a friend looking for one. the only 240's we can find down here are rotted out hardcore.
give me a few moments..
the guy is interested for 575. he would have to fly up and then drive it 800 - 1000 miles back down here.
that's a bit too low..

but i guess it's better than getting no buyer's on it..

Fine.,.For $575..the car is his..

i have title and key's waiting

let me now if you're still interested.
it's first come first served basis..

currently..the car is still for sale until i get a reply from Grim.

if anyone wants to buy the're gonna have to best the grim's offer..

car has no body rust..droven in an area where the air isn't salty and corroded.

i paid $900 for the car..i'd like to get at least 79% of what i paid but it sucks to cut the price just to sell the car..oh well,

$575...and going......
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he'll still take it pending pics he said.....
pi's wil be up tonight or in the morning..i promise
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