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Selling my tibby rims, toronto area. these will fit your 5 lug patterns (5x114.3/5 on 4.5).

Four '03 Tiburon GT rims with center caps included. Tires are almost new, PLENTY tread left... Used barely one season (if that). Tires are not patched and did not have any punctures. They are stock size tires (215/45/zr17). These will fit pretty much any front wheel drive car that have the same 5 lug pattern (pretty much any japanese / korean 5 lug pattern).

Some rims have some minor rash (girlfriend driving through timmies drive-thru), But are not bent, don't vibrate, and are generally great condition.

3 tires are hercules and one is nexen (reason for different tire: one hercules got a nail, i replaced with a similar tread pattern nexen). These rims can make great spares for winters and use the tires for your summer set. Whatever works for you.

I don't have the actual pictures as of yet as they are in the garage but will get them up soon based on interest.

Asking $500, delivered within the GTA (reasonable distance). I live in Etobicoke, 427/Queensway area.

Rims Specs are:
Lug Pattern: 5 x 114.3 (5 on 4.5)
Rim size: 17"diameter x 7"wide, Offset 46mm
Tires: 215/45/ZR17

i took some pics a while ago but they don't show too well as they are still dirty. I wanted to clean 'em up a little better but this damn winter wont $#%& OFF!

anyways, i hope these pics give you an idea. i'll try soon to get some better pics up. (dont let the dirt fool you)
each pic is of a different rim, the third rim has the noticeable rash:

some pics of rims on a car:

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