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FS: 98 Durango SLT

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I don't know if anyone here would be intrested or not but it's worth a shot... Need to get rid of it soon... Bought a brand new truck and picking it up Friday... Anyways here it is.. this truck is MINT!!!!!!!

It's a 98 Dodge Durango SLT 5.2L Magnum V8, 4x4 Fully Loaded!!!
The truck is Black, Tinted windows, 149,000kms, 4DR 5 Passenger, Grey Leather, Power windows, Power Mirrors, Power Seats, cd, tape. The truck is in awsome shape and has been babied it's whole life. $9900 OBO Cert, Etested.

If anyone is intrested let me i can get more pics... Email me spikie666 (at)

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what's the towing capacity?

[Edited by bvtmattyc on Mar 29, 2006 6:12 PM]
tow capacity is 5000 lbs
Damn Jerzy thats a REALLy nice truck, you should take some pictures of the off dat black on black...

and you gotta let me see that new truck!!!

you gotta a deal man!
yes is it... new price $8900 Can... someone please buy this beautiful truck.. i want my beta on the road ;):
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