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FS: 99-00 Elantra Custom Gauge cluster: LEDs, blue nedles, silver faces, CF

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My project gauge cluster. 99-00 Elantra. Can be used on 96-98. Shark racing blue/silver faces. Blue needles with blue led illumination. Carbon fiber bezel. Fair, Working condition. 3X,XXX miles. $25

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will gauge cluster plug in to a 99 or would i need to do some wire splicing if it will plug in then i call dibs on the cluster.
Not sure man. But for $30 you cant go wrong
I was wonderine if your would be willing to trade my gauges(+ somthing if need be) for your gauges? Mine are the ones with out the tach but I do have glow faces on them. I not its ok just figured i'd ask.
No, I have a stock cluster.

I need cash
I want the tails but I only have $25 in Paypal as of now. I'm waitin on a transfer for more.

How much shipped to 29464

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K-Spec sells them for $59 shipped brand new. How about $50 shipped.
They sell the covers. These come with the housing and cover.

Then you have to heat you stock tails in the oven until the glue melts. Then remove the stock lense. Then reseal the covers on in place of the stock lense.

My car is the car pictured on kspec.
Alrighty. I'm waitin' on the paypal transfer. What bulbs did you use?
You will need to buy red bulb covers. You can get them from walmart. They are very cheap.
I'll take the tails. I'm still waitin' on that transfer to paypal.
hey cb can you take a pic of the back of the cluster so I can see the plug layout.

waiting on my money to send you the 30 bucks.
Originally posted by C B
Not sure man. But for $30 you cant go wrong
really all I will be able to do is 30. I got to replace a cuple busted brack lines on the car.
I'll trade you for the 1.8 computer if you still have it and could take some pics of it.

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it is sold but I know where three are. I see them in the junk yard all the time, but they are going to charge me 50 just to get it.
Ok money in Paypal. Ya still have those kspec tinted taillights?
Yes I still have them.

paypal is [email protected]
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