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along with the car magazines that i have listed in another post, i found the following things to sell:

a brand new, never opened cd of young buck "straight outta cashville"-$12 shipped
2 brand new, never opened cd's of the edward scissorhands soundtrack(dont know wher i got them from)-$9 shipped for each
slightly used conflict desert storm game for ps2. comes with orignal case and manual, used only a handful of times, no scratches or skips.-$15 shipped

the following are mix cd's that i bought(legally) off of a dj website. they all come with jewel cases and inserts and are still in the condition that i bought them in, which is new and no scratches. please email me for a complete track listing of whatever cd's you are interested in;

Dylan(from da band)-Life after diddy
shyne-life after the club
mvp allstar mix
white chix mixtape
dj rukiz blends
grand theft audio 3-dj clue
r&b blends
dj clue -show me the money
danger mouse-the grey album
the best of cassidy
roli fingaz-my time to shine
fabulous blends
dj envy-big game 4
blazin blends 2
ill street dues part 2
50's finest(2 cd set)
dj clue stadium series 4
hot 97 hip hop and r&b vloume 35
roli fingaz-fire blends part 8
hot 97 hip hop and r&b y2g #3
g unit mix
lloyd banks-banks is back
lloyd banks-money in the bank
50 cent vs lloyd banks.

all of these cd's are $5 shipped, except for the danger mouse grey album. that cd is very rare and no longer in production. For those of you who know, that album mixes the lyrics from jay-z's black album with the music from the beatles white album. it is a classic. That cd is $10 shipped.....if you have any questions about track listings or the number of songs, please email me at [email protected] These are not burned cd's! these are actual mix cd's that i have purchased off of dj websites. about 85-90% of all the songs are excellant quality. some of the songs are demos or radio freestyles that arent as clear, but they still sound decent enough to understand.....thanks(note to admins and moderators-i am not ignoring copyright laws, as stated, these are not burnt cd's. they are originals...thanks)
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