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FS: Accent Cams,274 Degree both cams

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well i got these thinkin this guy had a beta but its for a alpha

its the Hwarang Intake/Exhaust Cam both cams

274 Degree Duration

other than that i no squat

lookin for 500 plus shipping

they havent arrived here yet so turn around might be a couple days so you know

and these are BRAND NEW

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the 1.6 dohc that showed up in the u.s. end of 2000?
no idea really

i assume there like these that are sold in the shop.hp

which means they will fit

00-02 Accent 1.5L (LC)
95-97 Accent 1.5L (X3)
93-95 S-Coupe 1.5L (non turbo) (Series II)
91-92 S-Coupe 1.5L (Series I)

they are hwarang though so being that they only made sets for 2 cars....

Stock ECU & Cam Gear it says also

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