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I got original copies in DVD's and some VHS's! These movies are 2-5hrs in length and full of all the things you like!!!

(DVDs) 01-04
1. Tight Young Ass----------------------------------$12 3hours
2. Keep On Licking----------------------------------$12 3hours
3. Hot Rods & Tail Pipe-----------------------------$12 2hours 20min
4. Amature Interracial------------------------------$12 4hours
5. Ass Stuffers---------------------------------------$12 3hours
6. More Than A Mouthful----------------------------$12 4hours
7. Spread Wide--------------------------------------$12 4hours
8. Shogun Sluts--------------------------------------$12 2hours
9. Beaver Eaters-------------------------------------$12 4hours
10. Slide-----------------------------------------------$12 5hours
11. Blonde Bomb Shells------------------------------$12 5hours

all for $100 even the ones below!!!!

All movies have only been veiwed by me one time and have no scratches
scuffs and with original packaging to and done by Jap Pictures!!!

(VHS) 96-up

1. Wet & Wild Orgasms------------------------------$5 4hours
2. Cock Suckers & Ass ****ers---------------------$5 2hours
3. The Ass Masters #8-------------------------------$5 2hours
4. Splatter House#4----------------------------------$5 4hours
5. Swallow My Cock----------------------------------$5 4hours
6. Filthy 4's--------------------------------------------$5 2hours
7. Black Dicks & White Chicks & Mo----------------$5 4hours
8. Kinky Housewives---------------------------------$5 2hours
9. Glad He Ate Her-----------------------------------$5 4hours
10. Dirty Dreamers 3---------------------------------$5 2hours

These are older movies and used more but still good to look at!!!!!!!

If interested please email me at: [email protected]

I take Paypal as a way to pay me!!!!!!!!!!!

39 Posts
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well,well,well what do you know the guys credit card failed and now these
bad ass movies are for sale again. First one with $75 plus $6 shipping will
get these excellent movies.
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