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FS: Apexi S-AFC 2 $125 shipped

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Apexi S-AFC 2 controller. Never used but was installed on the car. Might have to lengthen some wires

$125 shipped
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first dibbs waiting on a payment
got any pics of it

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I will post pics tomorrow :)
second dibs if he falls through,

125 for a safc is a great price. hopefully the first dibs falls through.
you had it on your beta accent right? Did you have a beta I?
Yes, I had a beta I in my LC accent ;):
did payment come through? or should I get my moolah ready and get it to you?

thanks, lmk.
Haven't received payment yet, e-mail me at buffbentley @
if you got the money ready thn take it i dont got the money ready sorry for the hold up
all right, email sent, thanks.
Your shitting me? STILL!??!!?

Ok i cant take it anymore.. DIBS!!
Money order sent. Sorry bub. ;):
you know.. i just got on gmail and was about to send you and email. since the money order left yesterday. :embarrassed: im really sorry... but i couldnt get to our post office to get stamps, sounds lame, but its true. its comming.. in canadian form now. i am sorry man..
F*** this i want it! i will send you money through paypal! RIGHT AWAY!!! let me know!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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