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I dunno where to post this, so if anyone knows anyone wanting some V6/V8 parts I have:

-Edelbrock #2111 dual pane race manifold for 4bbl carb (not quadrajet) for LB1
-an auto tranny oil cooler (about 12x14)
-K-Motion SIlicone springs (good for .5inch lift, V8 kit, will work on 4.3L V6)
-Bare V6 LB1 4.3L 1985 short block (88,000 miles)
-Cleaned and magnafluxed (guaranteed no cracks) stock 23' heads for LB1

All these parts will fit Mercruiser 4.3L inboard marine engines, for those with boats.

I'm gonna be putting this stuff on eBay later, but if anyone's (dad) wants these parts for whatever reason, [email protected](dOt)com

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