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FS: G tech, 12" sub, beta 1 injectors w/little wiring, 5" tachometer

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12" Brnd new Ma audio subwoofer 50 + shipping

G-tech pro ss im selling because i cant figure out how to do any thing besides 0-60 and it does not come with original box only everything u see in the pic $110+shipping

5" Tenzo r tachometer carbon fiber 50 + shipping

Beta 1 fuel injectors 30 + shipping

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i guess i can do that
come on guys help me fix my eclipse tranny, these r really cheap prices
Please email me at [email protected] about the Beta 1 Injectors. I have a few questions before buying.
Do you think the G-tech pro ss is broken or do you think you're just not able to figure it out?

Not trying to sound insulting...just wondering.
well i bought it off of bentley and he said it worked fine when he sent it out, i just dont know how to do anythnig besides 0-60, and theres not a scratch on the screen so im guessing it works fine
injectors pending sale, everything else is still available
Everythings still for sale, but im in florida for another week so thats when i can ship stuff.
do the injectors work or i should say have you tested them?
if they are in working order ill take the injectors. let me know
e-mail me at [email protected]
i pulled them from my moms totaled 97 1.8 elantra and they worked fine before she totalled it, but i have not tested them after i took them out.
i would like to get those injectors from you if you can find out if they are the same cc as the 2.0 injectors
im not positive but i dont think they are
one last bump
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