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FS: GK tiburon Seats, LC sick division lip kit"RARE"

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Anyone interested in buying my Tiburon GK seats with the brackets i made, im also selling my sick division lip kit, you can no longer find this kit, theres prolly only 2 ppl in the usa that have it. The front lip was fiberglassed together but needs to be finished up with sanding ect.

Ill say $250 bucks for the tiburon seats
$350 for the sick division lip kit
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common someone has to want a body kit can i get some offers? [email protected]
yo someone has gotta want this kit...its the only nice lip kit and/or body kits for our accents...and its discontinued. That price is basically a steal, haha id buy it if it wasnt on my car already...haha.

bump 4 you tho bro!
bump for a good deal...and everyone on this forum who must be broke!!!
could i get pics of both to [email protected]
Re: FS: GK tiburon Seats, LC sick division lip kit"RARE"

Do you have any pictures of it?
Can you send them to

Tiburon seats

Rear lip

side skirts/ front lip
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Question for you, would you help with the install of the seats into my car? If I were to buy these off you.
sweet lip kit i will let you know have to get the wife interested now
price shipped on seat

i wanted to know price of seats shipped to 12065
i just bought the seats, sorry bud
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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