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whats up everyone, i have grxgarage ground wiring kits for sale for the V6 [which would also probably work with the Santa Fe and i4 tibs, and the Elantra. I've sold over 110+ grounding kits on, ebay, and to local hyundai owners. you can check out my ebay feedback [grxgarage] and have 160+ positive feeback with no negatives so you can purchase with confidence.

All kits are vehicle specific and come with complete detailed color instructions. Anyone can install this kit and shouldn't take no more than 10 mins. Available colors are red, black, blue, and silver.

here's the price:
5pc. $36 shipped
6pc. $44 shipped

5pc. $45 shipped
6pc. $54 shipped

i ship out via usps priority mail which should take about 2-3 days to reach its destination. depending on how far you live from me [northern california].

5pc. red kit on my tib.

pic of the silver kit

you can check out my thread on for any more pics or info.
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