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FS: KayJai's Moving Sale

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Hey guys, some of the old schoolers know me and the ones who visit RDTib and know me too, anyway, got some stuff for sale, as I am moving,.. keep finding stuff in the closest and boxes that I didn't remember that I had.

Anyway, here we go,....
Most of the Tib stuff is stuff I started but never really finished,... mainly just too damn busy,..
Anyway, here we go:
All prices in US$, and stuff is as shown,...

AC Switch RD1,... NEW, got the switch and even installed the BLUE LED, just too lazy to put it in.

$20 shipped within Canada, $25shipped to US

TWO - BLUE 8" Neon tubes, plugs into ciggy lighter,... One of them has electrical tape on it, cuz I didn't know you needed the plug for it to work, and I was trying to hook it up to 12V, but they still work as far as I remember.

tape job

$15 shipped in Canada, $20 shipped to the US, FOR BOTH

Hyundai Pen:

Comes with metal case

$15 Shipped in Canada, $19 shipped to US

Anyone want Snoblades? Used for 1 season and it still has some fresh wax after I used it for 1/2 a day after a wax and tune

$60 plus whatever shipping is to you.

And please no dibs,....
First to paypal to (replace _at_ with @) gets it

Just post that you have paid, so there are no multiple payments
I will try to answer any questions and such as quick as I can, as I'm pretty busy with moving / packing and such at the moment.


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TTT Bump
how much 4 the spoiler w/shipping all together.if it is not to much call me at 863-838-7276 to get you the money.i dont have paypal or anything.i might be able to western union the money or something.ask for davd.thanks
I have no idea where you live bud..
A postal code or zip code would help
Sent ya an email bud.
Lemme know
New stuff added,... May 14th.
i never got your e-mail.
do you still have that centre cap?
I bought a set of tibby rims from the "recycler" and I'm missing one cap.
i'll like the wheel locks too if you still have them.

If you're in the K/W area or an hour away, I can pick them up in person.
Do you take Canadian Tire money at par? :D
Originally posted by Honda
i never got your e-mail.
I sent it to the one you have in your profile on HP here.
[email protected]

Is there another email??

Peddymm, I replied to your email.

I will be outta town from Tuesday (May 16) evening till Monday (May 22)

If you paid for something please post on here, so no one else pays for the same thing.
And obviously things paid in that time won't be shipped till I come back on the 22nd.

Does the OEM Wire fits an Accent?
I live in Vancouver, BC
so can you do $15 shipped?
It MAY fit,... but I don't know.
You can try it if you like
Lemme know
Solar wing added.

Come on guys, make me offers on the other stuff, this stuff needs to go.
Some things BACK UP for sale
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