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FS: (mostly)X3 parts, must go

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I am interested in the fuel rail is it stock or aftermarket, and will it fit the 1.6? Thanks.
Hello, I have a 96 SOHC X3. If your Beta ECU is a plug and play for my X3, and you'd accept US$50 including Airmail postage to Australia and you have Paypal, email me at [email protected] and you have a deal.

Thanks :)
If the fuel rail and fpr will fit the x3, and if those+the stock set of 4 injectors +shipping to Romania will not cost more than 60 USD, I'm interesed. Email me at bhutanu{at}excite{dot}com

I shall take silence as a rejection of my offer and I therefore withdraw said offer.

Regards C.N.
e-mails responded to. really hate to trash this stuff, almost any offers accepted.
shoot me an e-mail me or post your zip code for a shipping info.

captain, i will respond within a few minutes about the shipping.
the oil controller is thermocontrolled by a fan on it? Shipping quote to 32810 orlando florida please
no, oil cooler has a thermostat in it. (that's how it was explained to me anyway) so if oil gets below a certain temp it will bypass the cooler. may be good for winter climates, etc. 1/2" inlets i believe, it's just the oil cooler itself. shipping is approx $8 for fedex ground.
kewl. Size and pics please? I checked on sandwich adapters their about $65 that should be all I need. Cooler oil and elsewhere to take oil feed for the turbo!
Thanks X3, email has been sent!
just wondering if you still have the beta brakes cause if so im interested can email me @ [email protected] Thanks
long jump bump. sorry about the delay. not sure if you've all been reading about the crazy new england storms and flooding. :depressed: i haven't gotten a chance to pull out the oil cooler for measurement. will do so as soon as possible, omg, i know you want that. captain, i attempted to contact the post office via phone and they were not much more help. i inquired about the website discrepancies but again they were not much help. if i can get directly to a post office i will try again for you. still have the hubs, rotors, calipers, etc.
do you still have that valve cover?
I assume it's from a SOHC accent, if so did it suffer the same fate has mine?
I cracked it trying to change the PCV many moons ago.

I'll pay for shipping as well.
do have the SOHC valve cover. it was my original one. i purchased one at a junker to paint blue. this one is not cracked. may need to be cleaned up or washed but in good condition. zip code?
for $20 USD, I have no issue with cleaning it up myself.
i'm located up here in Canada, postal code N2M 3K3.
Kitchener, Ontario

I'm in the process of signing up with paypal now.
If needed, I can arrange to use my work account with FedEx to get the part here (after you get paid).
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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