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FS: Parting Out 97 Elantra

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I have a White 97 Elantra that in parting out. So if you want anything from it at all let me know. You can have anything but the tranny, it blew on me and that's why I'm parting it out. Everything else is in good condition. I got a new car and would love to throw another tranny in it but I don't have the time nor the money to be spending on it. So let me know what you want.

NOTE* One bonus from this car is that the trunk lid has an LED spoiler from the 99-00 elantra installed on it. X)
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what kind of dash do you have? ive been looking for one with a tachometer.

also, door handles.. three of mine are broken. and the front speaker covers. yeah. THANKS SO MUCH!

prices, and shipping to 98466.

Check out my car's pics. I don't have a tach on my cluster. I have 3 door handles(tan).

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ok... door handles and rims. i love the rims.. but, thats going to a be a bitch to ship. dam.. well... door handles, rims. dibs. and prices man, prices! lol
Hey man, I have very new tires on those rims. I ran them for about 20 days, brand new. They are Avid H4s's. Did you want the rims and tires? I hope you want both beause it is a pain in the azz to mount and dismount a low-pro tire. I'll look up shipping tomorrow and post some pictures of the wheels and tires. Anything else you are interested in, combined shipping is going to be cheaper. Everything is in good condition, engine and all. It's just the tranny that's bad.
PS: do you have paypal?
NOTE: This is for everyone. If you are interested in something...let me know asap. I have less than two weeks and then the car is gone. Speak now or forever hang your head in procrastination.
I dont have paypal, i can send you a money order.

Yes, rims and tires. So far i would like...

Rims & tires
Drivers side door handles (two, if in good shape)
Front door speaker covers.

To get the covers out, you have to take the door panel off. If you dont want to its ok. I dont need nor want those THAT bad.

Coil packs?

hmm.. whatelse is broken on my car? lol. OH! Headlights!! yes! my drivers side one mounting is stripped. so yeah... Kindly suggest a price to include all that.

Thanks a bunch again.
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Price for your stock exhaust header and down pipe?

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btw.. i should add, that the stock mani (i have one too, not on car) is used by guys on there XD's and newer tibs, cause its an acctual 4-2-1 design. yeppers.
Info (size/miles/condition/etc) and dibs on engine please.
Dibs on center console with the buttons. I really want this piece. Also send me some pics of the rear spoiler if you can I'm also interested so dibs on this too. Name a price and email me @ [email protected]

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Wilbur has dibs on the rims and tires, maf, coil packs, headlights, 2 door handles, front speaker covers.
--Wilbur. I told you that the tires are nearly brand new. The rims are in okay shape but not the best of shape. A couple of the rims are slightly bent. I recommend a fresh coat of paint also. Im giving you a total of 400 excluding shipping for the rims, tires, maf, coils, handles, speaker covers and the BOTH headlights.

Inferredrecords has dibs on the exhaust manifold and downpipe.
--Inferredrecords the manifold has been welded where a crack had appeared (I couldn't pass inspection a could of years ago) but I have had no problems with it at all. It's all that Elantra torque. You're total it 50 dollars excluding shipping.

03-Accent-03 sorry man the engine(head, block, and pan) is going to my lil bro for a school project.

C B has dibs on the ECU.
--C B make me an offer.

Dan(ZL1) has second dibs on the rims and tires.

Lilo Shark Yes I do still have my stock steelies but when it goes to the scrap yard it needs some way to be moved......BUT if i can get the wheels off the car once i get it there...then you have dibs.

Japakos has dibs on the center console with the buttons and the spoiler.
Japakos your total would be 100 dollars USD excluding shipping.

If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns post them. I will be back on the computer about the same time tomorrow night to check back on the thread. If you guys are still interested in your parts then let me know and i will get shipping cost for you. I do have pics but I always have a hard time posting them on this site from this computer. So if you want pics I can email them to you, but only ask for pics if you are serious about the item.

Still available are: gauge cluster, both airbags(driver and pass), ps pump, alternator, intake manifold, stock intake, stock cat, stock cat back, bumper covers, fenders, any door glass or panels, motor mounts and the list goes on.
If you need something that is not on this list, ask me if I have it and I'll let you know.
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sweet.. ok ima going to make a money order when you give me the shipping prices.
$100 is a good price but shipping to price will kill me. Check the shipping of them to Greece/Athens postal 16342. If it's too much I'll stick with the console plus shipping. Thanks .. Oh and some pics would be nice

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The manifold will most likely crack at the same spot again, so nvm.
I uploaded some new pics into my cars profile. I you are interested in anything, let me know and I'll take a pic of it and post it there.

PS: I still have a pair of tinted and non tinted tail lights. I can post pics if there is an interest.

[Edited by spankie14 on Aug 9, 2006 10:37 PM]
Sorry to everyone waiting on something. A close cousin of mine just died in a dirtbiking accident. If you still are waiting on something just post a comment.

The motor is now up for sale. My brother needs a non-overhead cam motor for his school project.
The motor has 160,000 miles on it and ran excellent before the tranny went. If you buy the motor I also have the timing cam chain for it as well. I would like for the motor purchase to be a local buy, but if you are willing to have it shipped i could do that.
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