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FS: Rim & Tire Package --- ** STILL AVAILABLE **

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Package Deal: 16x7 rims wrapped with 205/40/16 tires

Price: $400.00 OBO (serious inquiries only via email)

Seller Location: Eastern Pennsylvania, USA (will meet buyer for delivery purposes in tri-state area)

As displayed on my previous vehicle....

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This is a really really good buy
How much does each wheel & tire weigh?
Now this is just a guess, but I'm thinking around 20-25 lbs. a piece. I would have to either check my original invoice or weigh them on a scale to be more exact.

To reiterate, the tires alone cost me $400 when I originally purchased them so getting rims (16x7 Rage Vigor) and tires (205/40/16 Yokohama All-Season) that are already mounted and balanced for $400 is a steal. Plus, I'm willing to meet the buyer for delivery, elevating any additional shipping costs (PA & NJ).

Bolt Pattern: 4x100
I also highly recommend getting hub centric rings to prevent any wheel vibration.
Check here -

Thanks for your interest! :D

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are you interested in shipping them to 63376? I believe this is a good deal without a doubt. Do you have any idea if they'll rub on a 1.5" dropped accent?:)
I had Eibach springs on it (33mm drop ~ 1.25 inches) without any rubbing issues. I did have rubbing issues when I had 17's but not with these 16's.

I ran a quick estimate on shipping to your zip from mine via FedEx and it came to about $75 to $80 (have to verify weight).
Do you know what the measurements are on the centering rings? And how much tread is left on the tires, In you picture the back wheels look like they're at a negative camber so is the inside of two tires damn near bald? Also would you throw them on a scale for a more precise weight?:)
how much do they weigh??
ozone - I'll get a more accurate weight and get back to you. The tires are practically brand new. I only had them on the rims for about 2 months before the vehicle was sold. From the picture you can see those little stubby things on the tread. I'll try to take more accurate pics tonight.

Hub Centric Rings -

TAK82 - Ditto on the weight.
Had to purchase a scale this evening. Each rim & tire weighs 40 lbs.

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Hey man sorry to waste youe time. Those are just to heavy. They do look good though.:)
No problem. :disappointed:

They will be here if you change your mind or if someone else is interested.
sorry for the "off topic" but where did you get the upper spoiler? (top of rear hatch)
mtbiker124 - Here you go:

P.S. So, can I interest you in some rims? :nervous:
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i've seen that before, thanks for the info, it looks good! thanks for the offer, but i like my wheels, 25lbs wheel/tire!
you guys realise that when they talk about "rim weight" its without the tires. Stock 15s on the elantra come it around 38ish (might have been 35.. but im pretty sure it was 38) with tires on them.
WytchDctr - Good point. 40 lbs is the total weight (rim+tire+air pressure).
I'm interested. What's the exact model of the Yoko tires? And where in PA are you-- Can you meet around the Philly area or anywhere off I-95/NJ Tpke? I'm actually driving up to NYC from Virginia next week to pick up a car and it'll be great if I can coordinate with you on the way back to pick up the wheels. Thanks.
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