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FS stereo ****.

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siriens for car alarms. $1 each plus shipping.

20' stinger rca's $12 shipped

3 rockford rca's 6' $20 shipped

2 rockford rca's 20' $25 shipped

Autotek Mean Machine 10. $40 with or with out box you pay shipping.

MB Quart QAA2500 $400 plus shipping. 2x500 watts rms at 2 or 4 ohms.

Pioneer DEH-P8000R $30 shipped

xtant 202m $50 shipped.

Rockford symmetry $400 shipped. has 28 band eq card

Autotek Street Machine SX2100 200watts $40 shipped

Don't know if it works $5 plus shipping

Rockford dvc 4ohm 12" sub. $40 with or with out box(not Pictured looks similart to the 10" autotek but much bigger) you pay shipping.

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here is my email. [email protected] all items are sold as is. any questions please feel free to ask.
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