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FS: Stock Elantra/Tiburon rims

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I'm selling my stock rims. I only have 3 because I left one at a tire shop once and totally forgot about it. The 3 rims have tires but they are crap. So this sale is just for the rims. I'm not really sure how much to sell these for and i'm sure it might be tough to sell 3 of them. Also I believe i am supposed to list an asking price. What I do know is that shipping should be no more than $15 for each one via UPS Ground. But don't quote me on it. I will get a sure quote once I see interest.

If anyone wants to buy the 3 at once then they will get preference. If not then I will sell them individually.

I will start with an asking price of $150 plus shipping for all 3. If someone wants to buy them individually I will let them go for $60.00 each plus shipping..

Let me know if there is interest. Also willing to negotiate!!
Here are pics of the rims I do have the 3rd center cap just in case anyone wants to know. I will look for any takers for all 3. If no one gets back to me by this time tomorrow morning (9am Eastern), I will start selling them individually.

Here are all 3

This seems to be the best rim. No curb rash on the lip or anything.

This is the slight scratch that is not even deep or noticeable

This is the 2nd rim with slight scratches around the small lip but nothing major

The next 2 pics are better looks...

This is the last one which I would say is the worst one. It has a curb rash on one part

Closer look

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Ok so if anyone wants to buy them individually let me know. Would make a good spare...

You can e-mail me at [email protected]
The tires arnt good? Cause.. i need some bake off rims and tires... :hmmm:
2 of them have no tread whatsoever and one has wires coming off..
Bump for the week.....
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