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FS: Upgraded Alpine turbo kit -- Lots of extras - - PRICE DROP

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Alpine turbo kit in good condition includes the following:

TD04 15T Turbo (less than 1k mile)
Cast Iron manifold (never crack)
Front mount intercooler
all piping
Hose clamps
Oil lines
Coolant lines
Malpassi Rising rate fuel pressure regulator 1:1

Apex’I Dual chamber blow off valve
RC Engineering 440cc injectors
Walbro 225 lph fuel pump
Foam air filter
Slim fan
Glow shift tinted boost and oil pressure gauges (all hardware/wiring)(mounted in real carbon fiber
NEW Manual boost controler (black)
NEW SMT-5 with manuals and harness
Aluminum Elbow
Heat wraped piping
Oil catch can (pictured)
2 sets of plug wires (1 ngk, 1 splitfire)
18.5psi pressure radiator cap (from kspec)
1 set of NEW NGK V Spark plugs (1 step cooler)


Will include my radiator hoses since they are already cut, I have no use for them.

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second dibs on pulleys if he falls long as they will fit a 2001 tib
dibs on tail lights, will buy next week after getting paid
Pulley are sold

Phope, send me $60 to paypal address [email protected] and I will ship them that day
how much for the fpr and/or injectors if looking to part?
Do you see individual prices?

Not parting turbo kit.
Price drop to $1,800
since the guy selling that s/c never came back on here, how about 1 k for this?
That is an insult man. I am asking $1,800 droped from $1,900

Low balling at its worst. If you can't pay, don't post. Do you think I would sell this for $1000?

The new alpine kit is $3,250 from the HP store. Add the cost of Injectors, SMT, BOV, Fuel pump, Fan, Gauges, Boost controller.

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Looks like he spent 10 seconds typing the offer. Can't fault a guy for trying. I'm sure it's nothing personal. After all, the worst you can say is no.

And why are you posting off topic in my for sale topic?

Don't stick up for him, lowballing is not allowed.
dude, seriously, take a chill pill man... whatever, thats all the cash he has available to him at the moment, doesnt hurt to ask. and thanx squirrel for the back up. it wasnt a lowball, lowball would be 500 or sumthing. good luck on ur sale tho...
Dude, that is almost half what I am asking.

Any price lower than asking is lowballing.

Does not say OBO.
yes it is for sale,

y is it 1800? out of curiousity. its at 1700 over on just wondering.
Grim Please stop off topic posting in this topic. If you are not buying it, do not post in here.

It does not include the injectors or fuel pressure regulator on NT, since they do not fit NT's or XD's. That is why the price is lower.

shaunis_theman Emailed me and asked to hold the kit. I asked hi to call dibs.

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