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Fuel question?

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X3 with a beta swap. I/H/E and AirRam. High comp pistons and nology hot wires. 255 walbro fuel pump. My question is how many psi can I run this set up for daily driving and drag racing? & what size injectors would I need?
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Has no one ever done this? Im trying to get the most out of this n/a Accent.
Uhmmmm you can't have high compression with boost.
only like 5 psi at the track only turbos make compresion it is posible to have higher then stock compression with a turbo but only with vary low boost i mean like 2-5 psi if that and even then its not going to be a daily driver like that
Its all about the octane rating of the fuel you can get and tuning. How high is the compression of your beta? You might be better off running giggle gas a lil rich.
well I guess you guys can take this question off the boards. Thanks anyway.
stock injectors will hold up just fine...your next mods will be a regulator and a rail...then its all about testing testing tesing.
Are those all your mods on the bottom of your page? If so what hp# are you showing for all that stuff?
You can use stock fuel pressure. You just need to adjust the injector duty cycle through engine management.
hah, well, as a result of all those modifications i wound up putting about seven different transaxles in the car, it got too expensive and i had to crush it...a lot of the parts that were in the motor we wound up putting on tibbychick's (liz) car.... its odd how i introduce someone to hyudais and they become more popular than must be the boobs...we're proud of liz, however, shes taken her little hobby WAY past the limit of sanity and now has (imho) the best looking tiburon on the east coast....but back to the clapped out elantra in the photos in my profile, i made a little over 200 hp (like 203 or 204 i dont remember..its been five years since i got rid of the car) to the front guessing that would be about 220-230 hp at the best 1/4 mile drag run was a [email protected] mph at oldbridge raceway in englishtown, nj....the car had no turbo and no nitrous, but was on drag radials with no LSD.

as a side note: be careful if you're planning on making big HP in a daily driver...those aisin trannies can be flukey!
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Do you know for a fact that that car push 200+Hp or is that a guestimation? What mods did you do to get that #
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