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funny shift in elantra gt

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do all elantras feel as though the clutch is slippig when shifting hard into second? i know that these cars have that funny automatic throttle to keep revs up but it's pretty darn noticeable and feels almost like clutch slip. what do you guys think?
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Check the fluid in the clutch system. Mine was black and GOOey after 30k miles. I did the clutch spring mod and got that fluid the hell out of there, flushed it with a full bottle of brake fluid and that 2nd gear slip went away. Then it returned with the dieing of my pressure plate later on (almost 30k miles later).
do you have a link to the clutch spring mod? or any DIY for the clutch fluid?

for the fluid just keep bleeding it over and over again and replace the fluid as you go. I did it a stupid amount to get that crappy fluid out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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