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I mistakenly posted this topic in the newbie section, I think this is where it belong. I am looking for a very light weight engine to swap into a vintage MG which is RWD.

Have anyone tried using Gamma engine in a RWD configuration? I like the light weight of Gamma, it was listed on Wikipedia at only 150 lbs (68kgs) (

1. Which RWD tranny could be a bolt on for gamma? If that's not possible, what would be easiest?
2. Any other reason why Gamma would be a poor candidate for longitudinal install?
3. Gamma's 150lbs (68kgs) weight, just dry weight without ancillaries and flywheel? anyone weighted a gamma engine?

I am planning to use the G4FC version, with multiport FI, the non direct injection, non turbo version.

Thanks for helping!!!!!!!!!!
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