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gauge pod

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i know their isnt one made for the accent. but which one will be the closet fit. 2002 l 3dr. gauge pod for the piller. thanks
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I found out that the APC ones that pep boys sells fits quite nicely after some heat. I am going to be changing the interior color to black, so did not paint it yet.

Will post pics up today or tommorrow.
i have come to the same conclusion, i got one form apc nd it fits pretty good, not great but wiht some heat it should mold in nicely, and i too am painting my interior (black). i alradey put it in and the gauges are in and it looks bad ass, the color of my gauges match the color of my speedometer perfectly!
ok so i will check out pepboys. i am to in progress of paint my interior black w/blue accdents. i sould be done by the end of the day with the dash, i will also post some pics too
for which car was it made for, civic??
I think an eclipse one fits.. do a search.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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