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Hello. I have a Hyundai Accent, 2001 with 640,000 km (stayed with our family due to an emotional connection). Two months ago I changed gear oil (full replacement) + filter.
When I lowered the carter, there were some pieces of iron caught in the magnets.
Two weeks ago I did a 200km ride and after 100km a light bulb came on.
After I got home, I scanned and came up with 2 codes:
When the lamp was lit, a 'knock' was killed in the vehicle.

Also, fuel consumption increased (was a liter to 13 km, now a liter to 10 km) and in addition
I have noise when I press the gas pedal (when I do not press the noise disappears), attached is a video:

(In the garage, they offered to dismantle the dashboard at a cost of $ 600, without committing that they would solve the problem. A catalytic converter was replaced two months ago to renew, so the noise is not related to the converter either.)

I reset faults two weeks ago, and since then they have not returned, but the question is what to do.

I would love a slightly more detailed explanation. Should the chalk bearing be completely disassembled and sent for renovation or is it possible to do it at home? I ask because I have some knowledge and that I have been taking care of my car at home for the last few years ..

Right now all the gears are working. But there is a 'knock' when the vehicle shifts gears, especially since the vehicle is still cold. In addition, fuel consumption has risen. And the shift between third and fourth gear happens at 3200 rpm, which seems to me quite high compared to the other gears.

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