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Hey, new to the site here... what up.

My brother bought an 05' Tiburon not to long ago and it's a fairly sweet car I think but he wants it to be faster obviously and he's looking to put a little cash in it..

We put a CAI on it and it worked out alright for him in the higher Rpm's and We've seen a few exhaust systems available for it, holy crap expensive but available...

I was thinking maybe we could come up with some cams? adj. cam gears? maybe???
Anyone making cams for these cars? or adjustable gears? I'm not familiar with these cars (Conquest/Starion buff) but my bro aint into computers much so I'll look for him.

Other than some head porting and cams"if reasonably priced" with some A/F-Timing tuning and intake/exhaust upgrades what up with these cars? good/bad performance clutch's? any polyurethane bushings available or any DIY'rs pull it off? Turbos are almost out of the question,, not quite to me yet, but spendy I'm sure. Have there been any horror stories with nitrous we should know about?

Are there any Forged Piston anyone knows about out there? What about ARP studs/bolts?

Anyone gettin er done out there?

Thanks in advane ,, J
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