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did i see your car on newbridge rd (about moorebank) this morning at 8:25? (wed 12/7/06)

more importantly, was that a intercooler hanging off the front of it?!

what happened to the N/A fanatic we all know and love?! j/k.

if that was your car dude, that was the best looking accent i have ever seen. clean, but aggressive. but not too agressive... perfect!

if that wasnt your car it looked remarkably like it.

[Edited by T-WING on Jul 12, 2006 3:58 AM]
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Hmm I think I saw Your Car T-wing on that road You turned off at the Lights AfterWards I was in a Red XR6t ... I swear it was your car but if not Looked Sexi ... who ever owned it:hmmm:
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