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Yes, I will admit I posted this elswhere before.. in the wrong area apparently, so I deleted that posting and moved it here..

Some time ago when I painted up my valve and sparkplug covers.. it was mentioned that the red I had in the engine compartment did not match with the silver/green/ and black thing I had going on... so today, I finally excised the last of the red and proved something for a fact.

First was the dipstick.. previously I had a red anodised handle that I had left over from one of my fiats... to mount it, I had cut off the "hoop" of the yellow dipstick.. leaving the fluted neck. I then drilled a hole into the top of the neck and stuck it through the threaded collar of the dipstick before screwing a wide shouldered screw into the drilled hole to lock it all into place. Once that was done, I was able to thread the handle on.. resulting in:

the eBay seller I got it from claimed it was "chrome" but it is really polished aluminum.

next on the agenda.. and the point I wanted to prove... the oil cap.

I bought a solid aluminum "ralliart" cap for the Mitsubishi Lancer RallyArt.. Just make sure that you get the one with the "bayonette" fitting that twists in rather than the screw in style the 3000gt and EVO8 use... The twist in fitting works perfectly, but you have to salvage the seal from your old cap to make it work. On eBay for about 2 bucks, it comes in silver and a gunmetal/titanium finish..

I know it is not much, but the overall effect is growing as more polished and aluminum stuff makes it's way into my engine compartment.. I have not had such a shiney blinged out engine since my aircooled vdub days..

ebay links for the caps...


Do not worry about the "ralliart" sticker in the centre.. mine came seperate in the package and you do not have to use it

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Looks good. Where was this post before? It should be in showroom. ;):

I think Kirk had a 240sx oil cap on too. Can't go wrong with a 2 dollar cap. :)
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