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hello all. I made up my mind to turbo my already built 95 non turbo scoupe heres my parts list so far lookin onling for the beast prices and what not. its really not gonna have to spend an arm and a leg to turbo my car so i'm happy about that. well heres what I found.

scoupe turbo manifold 130.00 shipped
scoupe turbo pistons also 130.00
FMIC kit and 2.5'' pipes 200.00
blow off valve 75.00
scoupe turbo ECU.... unless theres a better brain thats kinda cheap but i'm not after crazy boost at all 6-8 PSI tops. as for a turbo i'm in the dark and new to it from what I have found the ex nissan T25 ''300zx'' turbo is the way to go I found a TD04-H turbo with T25 nissan flange with 8 psi waste gate for around 290.00.

I want to do this right but at home just like the rest of the build so far but I could use some more info ive read stuff on here till my eyes burn and still feel in the dark am I missing parts that would keep me from fnishing this project? or is that about it.

thank you for any info.
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