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Good news

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semi-good at least. Performance styling centre has a complete turbo kit made for the 1.6 engine and 1.5 engine. The downside is the price, $5,400. It is a complete turbo set-up, the only thing you need to buy is a standalone. Can vary from $300-1,000. I might purchase the kit, but that is extrememly expensive. All you need to bump it up to stage 2 or 3 turbo kit would be: Decompression plate $220, Walbro 190 or 255 lph pump $100, bigger injectors more than 320cc for less than $400. I think this kit would be a very nice power adder, but the price is pretty steep. What do all of you guys think?? build a turbo set-up from scratch or pay $5,400 ? :dead::dead:
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Correction: $5,400 AUD, $3,942.54 USD. That's much better...but still freakin' insane.
Buy this book, build your own kit. Save thousands to do something else to the car along w/ your own made turbo kit. I was planning everything for my Accent w/ this book. But I went a differnt route.

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OK i ordered the book. I'll let you know the plans soon.
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