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I have for sale a brand new set of Goodridge Braided Stainless Steel Brakes Lines for a disc brake tiburon/elantra. (all four). Brand new in box even Goodridge stickers are inlcuded.

Comes with Lifetime Warranty Garunteed by Goodridge Company themselves.

(P.S. i don't know why my photobucket isn't working right now...but they are teh hotness!!!!!!!!)

These are top of the line, they are proven racing brake lines for high performance brake applications.

If you have Magnum's buy these NOW, because magnums are known to bust unexpectedly and cause BIG problems.

I will let these go for 130 SHIPPED to anywhere in the USA. If you are outside the US the price may go up a little to cover shippping. Let me know if you are interested, they are in the box ready to go out the day I receive the money.

If you are interested shoot me an e-mail with your:

real name
forum name
forum you saw this on? HP? RDT?
shipping address
and payment through paypal.

My e-mail AND PAYPAL address is:

[email protected]

-Patrick G.

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