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I got busted at the Street races in Seattle a few months ago. I got 1 count of Wreckless, 1 count of trespassing, and 1 count of failure to obey an officer. All I can say is, don't try to out run a cop even if you're not in trouble yet. All my friends saw me race out of a alley across the street, going a whole 30MPH busted around a corner, and then stopped when I saw the lights. Damn! I wish I had it on tape! Anyways. Now I have $640 in fines and I pled guilty to failure to obey and officer, they dropped wreckless for neglegent driving and dropped the trespassing. In 1 year, if my record stays clean I get it all dropped....

Timothy Zacher
1991 Excel Evo II Rally Project
#346 N
Des Moines, WA
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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