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Well, its always something! I just picked up my car from the service place tonight, and its after the mechanics all left, otherwise I woulda asked the right there. Anyway, I started my car up, and I noticed that coming from in the dash, it sounds like there is this faint, yet annoying tone…which sounds remarkably like a tea kettle (but quieter of course). It does it only when the engine is running..not on the ALT or ay other key settings. Also, it seems to fade a little when I start to really give it some gas, but my car gets luder then too, so its harder to hear. U can’t really hear it, unless ur listening closely, except at idle, but its still doing it. When I open the hood, I can’t really hear it much at all (over my leaky exhasut and the engine tick) but when I get close, the most I can hear it at all is when I put my head back close to the firewall. So its coming from something back the drivers side I think. I had got my air and fuel filters replaced, and also y timing belt, and before I took it to the shop it had never ever done this weirdness. And clues?

Oh..and I just noticed one other thing of interest… when I press the brakes, even if there is NO key in the igniton, the lights still light up. Is that normal? I also have an aftermarket head unit, and it’ll stay on forever unless I turn it off myself every time I get outta the car. My car was used, and used to have an alarm system and extensive stereo system, which was remoed before I got it (it was a repo) but, could this be from a mod to y electrical system that the curcit seems to always be hot?

Accent GSi (98, black)
Naxos muffler
Clear side markers
Custom front grills

Custom CAI soon...
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