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Site looks awesome! Since I am the first to post here lets start a trend. When you join up why not post abit about your accent, current modifications and future as well.

I own a 99 Hyundai Accent GS Silver Mist.

Here we go:

Current Modifications
1. Removed powersteering pump for more horsepower. 5mpg increase.
2. Cheesy skull shift knob installed.
3. Tricked Out foot pedals.
4. Wider rear view mirror.
5. Temporary window tint, 35%, all around car.

Future Modifications
1. Blue window tint.
2. Sun roof.
3. Headlight/tail light covers.
4. 16" rims.
5. JS style body kit from SharkRacing.
6. blue mesh grill in JS bumpers and inbetween headlights.
7. Rims painted blue.
8. Modified Exhaust.
9. Flood lighting.
10. Wing(sits on tope of back hatch, not on bottom).

Thats the exterior, will list the interior and engine more when I have time to look around and find exactly what I am going to do.


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Hey Taco, whats up? Hmmm might want to check your images...somethings wrong.

I should have a website up for my car soon. Going to keep a log of sorts detailing where I got what and who I got to help me.

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What's up all this is a test to see if I know what I am doing and if it works all the mods so far and what I plan on doing.
So far:
16x7" TSW Revo Silver w/blue hex
CATZ Super FET Mini Fogs
Eibach 1.2" Drop
Kenwood D-Mask CD Head Unit
2-10" MTX Subs and MTX Amp to Match
Shark Racing Front Strut Bar
"Hyundai" Shoulder Pads
"Accent" Windsheild Banner

Talon WRC Body Kit
Exhaust (Not sure what yet)
Headers (also not sure what)
2-12" Subs and better door and rear speakers.
20 to 30% Tint on Windows
White Face Gauges
Plus more just early and can't think right now.

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Alright, I have a '99 Accent GL. Currently all I have done are Shark Racing front and rear strut bars (if you don't have them, get them, they're wonderful).

Future mods (in order):
-Conversion to 4-wheel disc brakes from Tiburon
-KORE coilover sleeves or Apex Race Coilovers (if they ever finish them)
-KORE Catback exhaust system
-Beta 2.0L engine swap
-Black Technomagnesio rims
-Red Recaro racing seats
-a lot of other stuff ;)

I drive a slow car.

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I own a 2000 Hyundai Accent GS Retro Red.

Current Modifications
1. Clear Headlight
2. APEX 1,4" Drop
3. Bosal Brospeed PROSPORT Mufflers
4. cone air filter

Future Modifications
1. Red windows tint
2. white 15" mag wheel
3. 2.0l engine swap

Accent GS 2000 Retro Red
- cone air filter
- APEX 1,4" drop
- clear headlight
- Bosal Brospeed PROSPORT Mufflers

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I have heard alot about KORE yet haven't been able to find its website. Where is it?

Awesome car hyundaiextreme!

You can do that 4doorgl? Does anyone online supply the parts to make my accent disc all around or will I need to hit up the dealership?

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I have a 97 accent gs its vw yellow

current mods:
vw yellow paint
kore cai
kore wires
bosch platinum +4 plugs
16" focal r3's
20/40/16 nitto nt450's
h&r springs
wings west thruster wing
shark racing rear visor
king front and rear strut bars
pioneer head unit
clear corners
yellow corbeau seats
arospeed muffler

to come:
evo or mugen front end and sides
forced induction of some sort
and some more goodies :)

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Sorry it took me so long to post. I didn't quite have the time to stay on long till now. I have a 1991 Hyundai Excel, Sky Blue Metallic Clearcoat, Very cool color, Its blue at night and more silverish gray during the day. The current mods I have on it are:
<font face = "Verdana" size = "-2" color = "#003366"><b>Modifications:</b>
<font face = "Verdana" size = "-2" color = "#87CEEB"><b>Ultra Three Blade Ninja Star Wheels, tinted windows, Hood bra, Pilot Fog Lights, 2 Rally Inc. 6" Bumper mount Spot lamps, Magnaflow muffler with 3 1/2" tip, Hyundai Rally Visor Sticker, Korean Hyundai Stickers, Gold Touring Struts, Monroe Sensatrack shocks, Arizonian tyres with Siping, White mini fire extinguisher in front of Driver seat, Niken racing pedals, Matrix shift knob, Personal Hyundai Rally shoulder pads, Clear blue cellphone sensing airfreshening airplane, 12" black light with cigarette lighter adapter, DJ Pumbaa rear licence plate cover, Pioneer 200 Premier Stereo, 2 Kenwood 8" Woofers, Rockford Fosgate 218w Amp., and Clifford Car Alarm</b>

<font face = "Verdana" size = "-2" color = "#003366"><b> Future Modifications:</b>
<font face = "Verdana" size = "-2" color = "#87CEEB"><b>Sqaure orange sidemarker lights, Blue hood pins, 15" OEM Steel Rally wheels and Kumho rally tires, GAB sport struts with coil overs on front, and Blistien shocks on rear. Blue 5 point racing harness, Roll cage, Custom painted racing stipes, etc...</b></font>

<img src="" border=0>
Sorry I couldn't have it at the Autorama, the damn people didn't notify me of fuel requirements, and I didn't want to wait in the rain for 4 hours to get in last.

Timothy Zacher
1991 Excel Evo II Rally Project
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Des Moines, WA

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2001 accent gs.
silver mist.
full tint (13%)
custom air intake
custom full clear front corners
H.A.T.E. windshield banner (n.j. car club)

i know this list is scarce, but...
tricks are in the works!


hyundai accent tuner evolution

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I have a 99 accent l (<img src=icon_smile_dead.gif border=0 align=middle> hate sohc) and heres what I've done so far:

-custom intake
-club-gtr/veilside style front bumper
-SR front clear corners
-HID bulbs
-Weapon-R coilovers
-Razö knob and pedals
-Autometer Phantom tach
-Eclipse unit
-Infinity 6.5 components
-Alpine 5.25s
-Alpine V12 amp
-Bazooka El 12 inch

Installed within the next month:
-5zigen Fireball exhaust
-Integra ground design side skirts
-rear pods
-short shifter
-Apex'i SAFC
-SR strut bars

Far future:
-Repaint car and shave moldings and color match whole car
-Carbon fiber hood
-Beta swap
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