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GT28 on 1.5Sohc

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I'm probably going to buy a GT28 ball bearing turbo for cheap and I was wondering if it is too big for my 1.5 Sohc. Anyone with information about this unit please post. Info such spool rpm etc.
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is it the GT28RS?
thats a great turbo...
It's the GT28R. I don't know much of it but I assume it is great
lemme know where you find a good one for cheap, especially if they have the rs. i cant say i've seen one under 900-1100$
i had a t-25 and i was seriously considering upgrading to a t-28 of some sort... and as long as you can afford a straight through exhaust or cut out (no cat or restrictive muffler) i think it would be a great choice. i'd love to see omg get one too... my only question would be fitment in the engine bay.
I can see that the turbo is a lot bigger than the t15 but I also see that the clearance problems won't be to the rear of the turbo (engine block & turbo) but to the front as it may hit the radiator. As for the slave cylinder, the turbo will be far away from there as it's diameter it's huge. I found the gt28R for $150 in great condition and if this happens I an ugly s.o.b. :)
Will this turbo fit the scoupe manifold without any clearance issues?
From what I`ve read, the GT28 is about the largest unit that will fit......but you will most likely have to `clock` it`s casing to get the oil & water lines to line-up.

I also recall that some guys found it necessary to move the alternator.

Sorry Japakos, but that`s all I can add to help you!.

Good luck!.
If it's for the alternator that won't be a problem. The problem is that if it hits the engine block then I'm screwed and I'm not in the mood for paying for a new manifold
So how about the TD04HL-15T? It seems that it fits. Anyone? check the link above
The tdo4 will not fit, its got a mitsu flange on it and its larger than the standard garrett t series flange. The gt28 Is a PERFECT turbo! If you do the calculations the optimal a/r for a 1.5 engine would be a .60 intake .63 exhaust. Make sure to get a true garrett gt28 as knocks are garbage. If one is going for 200 im sure it will not for long, i've been following ebay auctions on them for some time now as thats what I WILL end up getting ;-) I dont think it will end up hitting your block but if it does you can safe grind off a bit of the block if need be.
Yeeehah! Just ordered it.. $300 shipped. Even if it doesn't fit I can easily make a lot more over here if I sell it!
Could you throw me a link of the turbo you bought? If it doesnt fit i may end up buying it to have a custom manifold fabbed for it ;-) It should fit though!

It says little shaft play and hard to turn but who cares! This guy sells computer hardware and he doesn't know that much. But anyway it really worths it's money even if it needs repair because here this thing costs new $1400! Enjoy...
yep, i had to have my t25 clocked. i had a smaller wastegate bracket made so it'd fit. the one it came with hit... my automatic transmission. the waste gate may hit the block... you can always fab a customer bracket or different w/g rod... i'm not sure if anyone that still posts has run a t28. i think anybody who ever did got abducted by the government :evil: must be like the MIB...
These are little problems which I can easily solve. As long as it doesn't hit the block I'm good to go. Oh man I can't wait to put this monster in the car. It says that the wastegate is set at 7psi. I hope I won't blow myself up again this time and not be abducted by aliens :) lol

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Originally posted by japakos

It says little shaft play and hard to turn but who cares! This guy sells computer hardware and he doesn't know that much. But anyway it really worths it's money even if it needs repair because here this thing costs new $1400! Enjoy...
I read his description. It's a BB turbo and it doesn't spin easily by hand.... it's toast. Your best bet (to save on shipping) would be to have him send it directly to a rebuilder and then to you.
for $330 shipped I don't care about spinning. I'm selling this over here and I make $700. Cool country Greece... (****) :)
[body]"Cool country Greece"[/body]
.........Which is probably why the phrase`Mother-F.....s` was originally coined to describe it`s inhabitants!.

Only joking, but you really shouldn`t pass on a dud turbo to anyone......even if you were `conned` yourself!.

Just my opinion,
If the turbo is screwed it's a shop that buys turbos and repairs them so they'll take it from me asap. If it worths the money I'll repair it and keep it if it is that much damaged.
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