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Gunmetal motegi racing wheels on a Tiburon

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Got somthing for you goes

I have a Green 1998 Tiburon(you all know the green im talking about )
And i have been saving up to get me some 17inch wheels for my ride. white ones and all of a sudden my friend needs some cash and he offers to sell me his wheels for 800 straight bought brand new just a month ago..

So my question is..if it was you..would you keep saving for the white wheels? or just take a great deal and settle with the Gunmetal color wheels?

And if anyone has seen a green tib with just about any kind of Gunmetal wheels...did it look good?

well thats about it for me thanks everybody
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Gunmetal will look better.

White wheels are played out.

<img src="" border=0>
You're selling your rims already? What are you getting?

<img src="" border=0>
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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