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just got a Getz 1.4i 16valve, in the last 2 weeks...

came accross this little Opel/Vauxhall Corsa 1600 GSi..

Anyway... the corsa's are known to be quick on pull off and thru the gears.

The Getz surprised me....

It has a longer first gear than ANY 1400 I know of or have driven... I hit just over 60Kmh in first..

Anyways... Hit second and push close to 100Kmh.. Corsa still behind me... bout a car length...

By the time I pulled third, the corsa was at least 2 car lengths behind me and I was pulling away rapidly... or at least as fast as a N/A, standard engine would pull...

So after 4th gear... we approached a hill and the corsa lost all balls and power and the Getz kept on going and going and going...

Evenually topped out as the road leveled out in 5th after around 2 Km's of racing and reached a terminal speed of around 170Kmh....then stopping was even more fun..!!!:evil::evil::evil:

NOW I am impressed at the performance of this little car... although never doubtful.

Destined to be MODDED!!!

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