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has anyone actually dyno tested the GK

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either the gt or gs because i kno the weight of the car will take a toll on how much power the car will actually throw to the wheels. i saw an injen intake dyno test that rated the gt at 150 HP and 160LB ft of Torque

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No never did it...

Here is a link to some others who have though...

Should be enough there for you to wade through.
i did in texas but the guy doing it messed it up but a magazine did back in 2003 and rated it at 151-hp and 171-tq and i would have to say that i believe them

oh how did i know my readings were wrong well with mods i made
142-hp and a whopping 356-tq so id diden't take a genious to figure that one out and i would now but i have a sh*ty clutch :depressed:
ok..the weight WONT matter how it puts it to the will mess how the power pulls the mass...

my car dyno'd 149 whp STOCK

Now 259whp
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