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Have you ever heard of this problem???

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I have a 92 sonata with a 4G63T engine.I've been trough 3 alternators in a month!!!At least only the regulator is fried on the last one.I think it has something to do with the wiring of my car but im completely clueless!!What do you think of that?
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I had that problem when I put a 200w radio in a car that originaly had a 15w radio. Too much load on the alternator killed it.
Do you still have the heat shield on your O2 housing? A lot of people have trouble with altenators after fitting a custom O2 housing. Mando, an OEM manufacturer makes a replacement 90amp altenator,(it is a bit difficult to find a listing but it is available).
The first one fried because there was no heat shield on my stock 02 housing.Now I have one made of aluminium backed by an asbestos sheet.I also taped my downpipe with asbestos tape up to the firewall.But my second alternator dies no longer after I put some high wattage bulb on my car...80W low beam and 100W High beam.According to me it's not overkill for a 75A alternator...but maybe it is!!!What do ya think?:puzzled:
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