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HDK body kit

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I WANT this body kit... no, I NEED this body kit, but I do not want to buy it from HDK! Here is a link to the kit I want.

Do any of you know of anywhere else this kit may be available? If not, where is HDK?
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you'd get that kit faster if you ordered directly from the company that makes it which i believe is RC in korea or like random has said through boogyman himself? i think the kit itself is called dragon and from all the vents and bends i can get the idea of a dragon from the kit but i dont really think it matches the car.
plus i talked to boogyman about it once before i believe,can't really remember if it was him or someone else in korea .... anyways the general jist of what i gathered about the kit is that it has fit problems.
i am not sure but i believe if you were to buy this kit from HDK you woulndt be getting an original but a copy of that kit which would probably lower the fit quality for it.
tibgrrl definitely check with boogyman about it. and definitely stay away from hdk ... tho i cannot confirm my theory that youd be getting a copy of the kit instead of the actual kit that RC sells, enough people have talked about HDK's shoddy service to warrant major concern
i *think* ... that RC has a site that I ran upon once. if they do for sure have a site i am sure that boogyman or anyone in korea can probably point you in the direction, tho most likely the site would be in korean so that might not help you alot. lol
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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